Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator Gear
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Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator Gear

China Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator Gear by Fengrui - the ultimate solution for your magnetic separation needs! Our customized equipment promises to deliver the best results in separating magnetic substances from variety of materials - from coal, iron ore to sand and clay.

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Product Description

Quality is our top priority, and that's why we manufacture Fengrui Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator Gear in our state-of-the-art factory under strict quality control and inspection. Our experts use premium quality materials in combination with the latest technologies to ensure that our products are not only effective, but also durable and long-lasting.

One of the most unique features of our Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator Gear is its fancy and innovative design, which gives it an attractive look. It's designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, so even those with little or no prior experience can use it with ease.

Commonly used steels for manufacturing gears include quenched and tempered steel, quenched steel, carburized quenched steel and nitrided steel. The strength of cast steel is slightly lower than that of forged steel and is often used for larger gears; gray cast iron has poor mechanical properties and can be used in light-load open gear transmissions; ductile iron can partially replace steel in gear manufacturing; plastic gears are versatile In places with light loads and low noise requirements, the matching gears are generally made of steel gears with good thermal conductivity.

In the future, gears are developing in the direction of heavy load, high speed, and high precision, and strive to be small in size, light in weight, long in life, and economical and reliable.
The development of gear theory and manufacturing technology will further study the mechanism of gear tooth damage, which is the basis for establishing reliable strength calculation methods, the theoretical basis for improving gear load-bearing capacity and extending gear life; the development is represented by arc tooth profile new tooth shapes; study new gear materials and new processes for manufacturing gears; study the elastic deformation, manufacturing and installation errors of gears, and the distribution of temperature fields, and modify gear teeth to improve the smoothness of gear operation and operate under full load The contact area of the gear teeth is increased, thereby improving the load-bearing capacity of the gear.

Friction, lubrication theory and lubrication technology are basic work in gear research. Studying the elastohydrodynamic lubrication theory, promoting the use of synthetic lubricating oil and appropriately adding extreme pressure additives to the oil can not only improve the load-bearing capacity of the tooth surface, but also It can also improve transmission efficiency.

Compared with developed areas, China's gear manufacturing industry still has problems such as insufficient independent innovation capabilities, slow new product development, disordered market competition, weak corporate management, low informatization, and the overall quality of employees needs to be improved. At this stage, the gear industry should increase industry concentration through market competition and integration, and form a group of large, medium and small-scale enterprises; through the design and development of independent intellectual property products, form a group of vehicle transmission systems (gearboxes, drive axle assemblies) ) Leading enterprise, use the supporting capabilities of the leading enterprise to integrate the capabilities and resources of the gear industry; realize professionalization and networked supporting, and form a large number of distinctive processes, distinctive products and brand-name enterprises with rapid response capabilities; through technical transformation, Realize the transformation of modern gear manufacturing enterprises.

Tooth (teeth) – Each raised portion of a gear used for meshing. Generally speaking, these raised parts are arranged in a radial pattern. The teeth on the mating gears come into contact with each other, causing the gears to continuously mesh.

Gears can be classified according to tooth shape, gear shape, tooth line shape, surface on which the gear teeth are located, and manufacturing method. The tooth profile of the gear includes tooth profile curve, pressure angle, tooth height and displacement. Involute gears are relatively easy to manufacture, so among the gears used in modern times, involute gears account for the majority, while cycloidal gears and arc gears are less commonly used.

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