Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box
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Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box

China Fengrui high quality Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box is an important component used in magnetic separators. It is mainly used to improve the efficiency of magnetic separation and separate the magnetic materials of required minerals.

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Product Description

Fengrui durable Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box is the core component of Vertical Ring Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box. It directly affects the quality and efficiency of production indicators during production. It is also a wearing part of Vertical Ring Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box and consumes a lot of money. At the same time, Choosing good magnetic media is of great significance to enterprises in reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box installation and usage diagram:

Details of Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box
Brand: Fengrui
Custom processing: Yes
Product Name: Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box
Production capacity: 50/day
Number of media rods: customized
Material: Special magnetic wire/stainless steel
Sales location: Worldwide
Purpose: Vertical ring magnetic separator accessories
Production cycle: 10-30 days
Applicable host manufacturers: Jinhuan, Walter, LONGi, etc./customized

Specification SLon-1250 SLon-1500 SLon-1750 SLon-2000 SLon-2500 SLon-3000 SLon-3500 SLon-4000
Dimensions 208*129*102 282*154*118 354*154*144 429*154*144 287*154*170 361*154*190 417*154*210 238*154*230
Quantity/set 48 48 56 64 160 192 228 520

Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box manufacturing process flow:

The Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box produced by our company is mainly composed of an upper fixed plate, a lower fixed plate and a dielectric rod. The magnetic separator dielectric rod is vertically welded to the upper fixed plate and lower fixed plate through the positioning plate. The positioning plate The function mainly plays the role of supporting and fixing the dielectric rod, optimizing the force distribution of the dielectric rod, thereby reducing the force load of the dielectric rod in the welding head area and increasing the strength of the dielectric rod, thus greatly reducing the stress of the dielectric rod to a certain extent. It wears and prolongs the use time of the media rod. It also improves the service life of the magnetic separator media box and enhances the structural strength of the media box, avoiding the occurrence of magnetic rod breakage under the strong impact of large flow of slurry and flushing water. Therefore, our company can use the same type of media box much longer than other manufacturers, and has overcome other equipment failures and damage caused by the frequent breakage of magnetic rods during use.

Finished product delivery pictures:

Development history of Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box:

The function of the Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box is to absorb iron from the slurry (such as kaolin slurry, feldspar slurry, ball clay slurry, etc.) passing through the magnetic media box. Existing magnetic media boxes generally have two structures: 1. Arranged and combined with multiple pieces of woven mesh; 2. Directly stacked with steel wool. These two structures of magnetic media boxes often have some shortcomings: for the first type of magnetic media box, due to the relatively large pulp gap, the magnetic field gradient is low, the magnetic field strength is weak, the energy loss is large, up to 8%, and the flushing is not enough. Clean; for the second type of magnetic media box, the slurry flow is not smooth, it is easy to block, and the flushing is difficult, resulting in a large amount of water consumption, which is not conducive to saving water resources. The slurry loss reaches 10%-15%, and the service life is generally 1~ 3 months, short service life.

Product details are shown below:

The design of the media box of the magnetic separator developed and produced by our company is more scientific and reasonable. The dielectric rod is made of soft magnetic alloy material developed by the Ministry of Metallurgy. It is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and has good magnetism. The rod spacing, layer spacing and structure of the media box are reasonable. The specifications are precise, so that the slurry has good fluidity in the magnetic media box, and can effectively recover minerals of different particle sizes and different magnetic properties in the ore. Therefore, it has the obvious advantages of improving the grade and efficiency of the concentrate and reducing the tailings. It is now used domestically. It has been used in many mineral processing plants, quartz sand plants, clay mines and other non-metallic minerals, and the response has been good.

The Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box corresponding to the magnetic separators produced by different manufacturers is different. When purchasing Gradient Magnetic Separator Medium Box accessories, customers should provide the vertical ring manufacturer model and sample. Our company will measure the actual sample size according to the needs. Customization, currently the main magnetic separator manufacturers that support customization include Walter, Longi, Hercules, Jinhuan, etc.

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